Marine Boat Racks Storage Systems

Marine Boat Racks Storage Systems

Investing in Boat Racks U.S. storage system — high return on investment, simple to use and many benefits. The main reasons for investing in boat storage systems are profitability, safety, the use of valuable space, the ability to easily access boats for maintenance. Boat racks are made of high-strength, top quality hot-dipped galvanized steel. The steel structures reaches up to 5 levels, capable of withstanding hurricane winds up to 160-180 miles per hour while providing maximum stability.

By investing in Boat Racks U.S. Storage System you will meet the growing demand for Dry Storage, which is easy to install and offers you easy access to your customers boats. Our boat storage racks give you the opportunity of having a strong ROI in the 1st year of use. Get the most out of your investment!

Hi-Dry Boat Storage Systems Advantages

Keeping boats out of the water has become more and more popular among owners of marinas due to its many advantages:

  • Boat and the engine during storage is not subject to damage by salt water              
  • Quick access to boats for maintenance
  • Reliable and safe storage, since boats are stored out of water
  • Boats will be better to glide on water, as they will be free from barnacles, while saving fuel.
  • Reduce anode wear.

Constructive and Technical Description

All off our rack systems have vertical racks with openings adjustable at every 16 inches, which makes it very easy to adjust the height of the floor in order to be able to store boats of different heights.

Bearing lodges can be adjustable to different boat widths. Suitable for motor boats and boats of various sizes and weights. All steel shelving structures are hot-dip galvanized to ensure long-term use without salt damage.

Our racks are designed in accordance with local building codes. One cell holds two boats, the vertical number of cells reaches 5.

The shelving system can be individually adjusted based on the number of levels, different floor heights in accordance with boat heights. Additional horizontal support beams can also be added to increase the number of light boats in the system.

Shelving can be purchased as a single freestanding compartment or several compartments.                     

As the demand for dry storage increases, additional compartments can be quickly and easily added to the overall design.

As the number of boaters increases, the demand for dry storage will increase. In some areas, where boating has become more popular, the demand for dry storage facilities has increased over the past five years and allows the owner of the Marina to significantly increase revenues. Hi-Dry Boat Storage sites can accommodate four to five times the number of store boats compared to a land-based warehouse. Payback can be just in one season!

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